Active with every fibre

HEY SPORT® Global Wash

Cleanliness when travelling:

Cleans skin and hair, textiles and crockery gently and thoroughly
HEY SPORT® Global Wash is a solution to suit all challenges! With the natural cleansing power of the soapnut and mild human-cosmetic surfactants, Global Wash is a caring shampoo for skin and hair as well as an effective cleansing product for textiles and crockery in one single product.
Environmentally friendly
Global Wash is quickly and completely biologically degradable, and is thus kind to the environment. All ingredients are made of renewable raw materials. As a result Global Wash can be used everywhere - in natural surroundings and even with salt water.
Global Wash is extremely effective with the natural power of a soapnut and mild human cosmetics surfactants. It can therefore be used very sparingly. The extremely productive formula minimises the space required in your luggage and is therefore ideal for use when travelling.
On the basis of the natural composition Global Wash is free of colourants and synthetic fragrances. Therefore the product has been awarded the dermatest® very good distinction.
The practical 100 ml size can be carried onto a plane in your hand luggage, is light and always accessible.
For nature-lovers who love the feeling of freedom.

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